5 Top Reasons to Integrate Your e-Commerce Website with CRM

In the age of advanced software technologies,every customer expects sterling service & support at all times from businesses.With such level of expectations,it has become mandatory for every retail business to provide excellent & prompt services to their customers.But this kind of support is not possible with the manual intervention and here comes the need of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).Through CRM systems,it is possible for all the organizations to synchronize the customer data and use it for effective communication,future prediction,data backup and organizing events and tasks.

eCommerce Websites

Since most of the retail companies are going online these days and prefer to do business through their eCommerce websites,it is must for every eCommerce company to have a CRM in place and integrate it with their eCommerce system in order to have a smooth customer experience.In this blog,we have listed out 5 major benefits of integrating CRM with eCommerce websites.

Data Organization

Having CRM integrated with their eCommerce website,the online retail companies can be assured of an organized customer data in their records.This data can be further used to communicate with the customers in order to provide them after sales support or pitch them for the new products.The CRM will enable customer relationship team to locate the records of customers easily by just entering any field like email, phone number,customer ID etc. and they can get the entire information of customers.

Improvement of Communication

The history of customer correspondence in CRM helps eCommerce companies to identify the area of improvement in communication.The companies can collect the customer correspondence log and identify the customers with repeated returns,cancelled orders or refund claims.This analytic report can help companies to understand such customers’ behavior and lay down the strategy to communicate with them effectively in order to bring back in the list of existing customers.

Helpful in promotions & upselling

A CRM enabled ecommerce system can be helpful in sending promotional emails to the existing customers after analyzing their buying behavior.For eg. if a customer tends to purchase every month, the company can send monthly promotions to those customers and if a customer tends to buy more during festive season only, the company can send seasonal offers to those customers.This way,the eCommerce companies can pitch their products to the targeted customers.

Helps abandoned orders to fulfill

The CRM enables sales team to identify the list of customers who did start the buying process but never completed it due to any reason such as internet connection, incorrect payment details etc. This consolidated report/data helps the sales team to coordinate with those customers and help them to complete their orders by providing them with the best support.This process also shows the promptness of eCommerce companies towards their prospective customers and therefore helps the companies to increase their sales and revenue.

Data Backup
A CRM system will always have a backup of all the customer details along with their respective order information with the help of eCommerce website integration.Even in case of server crash or database corruption in the eCommerce website, the CRM data backup can always be used for restoring the database back on the website.This feature of CRM will ensure that the online retail organization will never face data loss issues.

So if you run an eCommerce company and wish to provide excellent support to your customers,you must consider integrating CRM with your eCommerce website.But its very important for you to instruct your eCommerce web development company in advance to build your website considering the possibility of integration the CRM with your eCommerce website in order to avoid any additional expenses in future to develop this functionality separately.


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